What Types Of Ground Protection Mat Are There?

HDPE mat with close up on the traction

There are two types of Ground Protection Mat, each serving a different purpose. It’s important to understand the differences between each mat because each one serves a different purpose based on what your requirements are. And remember, if you choose Ground Nurse Mats, you can purchase a stainless-steel stillage for convenient mat storage.

Super Heavy Duty HDPE Ground Protection Mats

Also known as HDPE, these ground protection mats hold up to 80 tonnes per axle load on even surfaces. They are ideal for heavy machines like cranes, mining machinery and trucks and can be linked together with connectors, holding each mat firmly in place. Weighing in at 39.95 kgs, they require two people to lift them into position with 4 – 6 handheld cut-outs depending on the brand you purchase. The ground protection mats are made of polyethene, a mixture of rubber and plastic that is heated at a high temperature and poured into molds. The high-density mats are 12mm thick and 2400mm long and 1200mm wide. Some companies use new materials, but Ground Nurse is environmentally conscious and uses only recycled plastic – we recycle the old and make it new! Despite common opinions, this material is just as durable as new material. High-Density ground protection mats can withhold more weight due to the particles being denser and closer together. They come in standard black but are also available in different colours. These UV and weather-resistant mats make them ideal for any terrain and environment. The traction pattern on them varies depending on the manufacturer but Ground Nurse use the dot traction pattern for non-slip and stability purposes. These ground protection mats were designed to be flexible and can bend in half without breaking, a concept that we have tried and tested!

Heavy Duty LDPE Ground Protection Mats

LDPE ground protection mats are for smaller vehicles and are ideal for small and large-scale events as they are commonly used as walkways and temporary roads. They come with a patterned traction surface and 2 – 4 handheld cut-outs depending on the manufacturer. Ground Nurse mats have two hand-held cut-outs for easy transport and installation. They can withstand up to 10 tonnes per axle load on solid and even surfaces. These ground protection mats are also UV and weather-resistant and won’t be weakened by hours in the sun. They come in standard black, although other manufacturers carry different colours. These Mats are lighter than the high-density mats and weigh in at 31 kg. They are 2400mm long and 1200 mm wide, 12 mm thick with the traditional slip-resistant pattern. These types of mats are popular at large events, to stop grass from getting trampled, and for ease of access, for example, a sports arena or race track. Like the HDPE mats, the LDPE mats come with connectors to hold them together. These ground protection mats are also recycled and recyclable and are very durable, with the ability to bend in half without breaking. Easily cleaned and maintained, mats can be washed with water as with the high-density mats. These mats are a lighter density which meant the particles are further apart making them lighter in weight.

In conclusion, each mat will serve a different purpose depending on your needs. There are so many ways to use a ground protection mat if you know how they differ from each other and how each mat will suit varying situations. You can read more about the sustainability of our products here. The different ways to apply ground protection mats here, and more about the Ground protection mat itself here.

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