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Hosting an outdoor event? The state of your ground can make or break the experience.

That’s where Ground Nurse mats come in, providing top-notch ground protection tailored for events, so your ground stays intact during and after the event.

Every Event Needs Ground Nurse

Think of the countless feet at a music festival, the food stalls at a fair, or the queue outside restrooms at any big gathering. These high-traffic areas are prone to turning muddy or getting damaged. Ground Nurse mats are the answer to keep these areas safe and presentable. Whether it’s a dance floor at a concert or pathways leading to amenities, ground mats help keep everything in top shape.

Using Ground Nurse mats is a breeze. Setting up an event is hard work, and the last thing you need is a complicated ground solution. Our mats are easy to lay out, connect, and pack up. They’re designed with real events in mind, ensuring that ground protection is the least of your worries.

Why Event Planners Trust Ground Nurse

Good events pay attention to details, and the ground is a big one. Ground Nurse isn’t just about covering up the grass; it’s about ensuring safety, cleanliness, and a professional look for your venue. Whether you’re preventing a muddy mess after some rain or keeping restroom areas clean, Ground Nurse has got your back.

Make the smart choice for your next event and set the standard with Ground Nurse




Event Planners Love Ground Nurse

Will you choose to improve your work site the way these people did?

Case Study

An event planning agency had difficulty maintaining the pristine condition of the grounds during events, especially in high-traffic areas like dance floors, food stalls, and pathways. This became a large issue, especially in wet weather, as they were liable for the excessive damage. They wanted a solution to prevent wear and tear in the future.

After evaluating various options, the agency decided to invest in Ground Nurse Heavy Duty LDPE ground protection mats. These mats were perfectly suited for their requirements, supporting the high foot traffic and equipment weights typical at their events. Moreover, due to their durability, the mats proved to be a cost-effective solution in the long run, negating the need for frequent replacements.

Incorporating Ground Nurse mats significantly enhanced the agency’s event management process. Concerns over ground damage became a thing of the past. The mats provided a smooth surface for attendees to move about, ensuring that the venue retained its aesthetic appeal. Ground Nurse was proud to provide the event planning agency a specialised solution that addressed their unique challenges, enhancing the overall outdoor event experience.

Project Gallery

Ground Nurse mats in action, right at home protecting the ground at Aussie events.

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