Ground Protection for Farming & Agriculture

Why Ground Protection?

Ground Nurse mats are perfect for all things agriculture. With them, you’ll be able to create a heavy-duty protective surface for humans, livestock, and machinery.

Work through any weather

Ground Nurse protects you against the unpredictable Australian weather, making it possible to operate equipment in fields without churning up mud or damaging crops. With Ground Nurse, rain doesn’t mean downtime; it means business as usual, so your farming schedule stays on track.

The right choice for Australian farmers

Using Ground Nurse mats cuts down on costly land repair and maintenance, leaving more in your pocket for other farm necessities. They’re a simple, effective tool that every farmer can use to protect their land, improve their operations, and avoid unnecessary costs.

With fast Australia-wide delivery and local customer support, Ground Nurse mats are a practical choice for the no-nonsense farmer.




Farmers Love Ground Nurse

Will you choose to improve your farm the way these people did?

Case Study

An Australian farmer was growing increasingly frustrated with the delays and damage caused by frequent rains. The downpours created soft soil that was impossible to traverse with his machinery. This disrupted his schedule and created problematic muddy patches that harmed his crops and the soil quality.

To combat these issues, the farmer sought a durable and practical solution. After thorough research, he decided to procure Ground Nurse Heavy Duty LDPE ground protection mats. These mats were tailor-made for agricultural demands, capable of supporting substantial weight and withstanding the rigors of farm use.

He invested in these mats and strategically placed them near his equipment shed, barns, and even in the fields when the weather turned wet. These mats were designed to support heavy weights, making them perfect for use under his farming machinery.

The adoption of Ground Nurse mats brought about a significant improvement in the farmer’s operations. They provided a stable platform, preventing the equipment from sinking into the mud and allowing for movement without causing further damage to the soil or crops. This practical solution not only protected the farm’s infrastructure but also allowed for uninterrupted work during adverse weather conditions, greatly enhancing the farm’s overall productivity and efficiency.

Project Gallery

Ground Nurse mats in action, right at home protecting Aussie farms.

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