Alternative Uses For Ground Protection Mats

LDPE mat in use creating temporary road

One of the key reasons that people purchase ground protection mats is for the construction industry, whether it’s to create temporary access on construction sites, for stable equipment platforms or pipelines.
But that’s not the only way in which they can be used. Here are over ten alternative ways that ground protection mats can be used.

Landscaping & Land Protection
Bog mats can also be used during landscaping projects or large-scale land clearing as well as general land protection. This allows for access to sensitive environments for research or conservation projects. By using ground protection mats you can ensure you aren’t adversely affecting delicate ecosystems or soil conditions.

Sporting Projects
Another popular area for bog mats is the sporting industry. For large events, such as field days or community sport competitions, bog mats are useful for creating parking on large fields, or for onlookers to use when not seated in the stadium. They can also be used as bases for generators or lighting equipment for nighttime events.

Hire Companies
If your company hires out large equipment and machinery, it’s always great to offer bog mats as well to use with the machinery. People often opt to hire bog mats if they are only needed for a short-term project, or they are working on a budget.

Utility Companies
Providing access to areas needing power can sometimes be difficult if travel over soft mud or grass is necessary. For this reason, power companies often utilise ground protection mats at work sites to provide a safe and functional expanded work area for electricians to operate their heavy equipment.

A demolition site can be a dangerous place if not well managed, but with heavy-duty protection mats, you can create a solid platform for machinery and a level surface across the site. They will also protect the surface below from falling debris and cover fall hazards such as steps, ramps, or trenches.

For many events, whether it’s a local farmer’s market or a charity run, a local field is often used as parking. Which works well, unless the ground becomes a boggy mess of mud that hinders vehicle access. By creating temporary parking with ground protection mats, you can create a much more pleasant experience for those involved, while protecting the turf underneath so it can be used again and again.

Zoos, Parks and Recreation
Ground protection mats can be used in recreational areas as bases for picnic benches and portable toilets. On busy days, they can provide areas for people to rest or picnic on. It helps keep people away from the grass, sand or mud beneath, creating a more enjoyable atmosphere for all.

Have you ever seen pictures of festival goers’ knee deep in mud? It’s a common problem with outdoor events, especially during the wetter months. Well, ground protection mats can help reduce the problem by creating walkways. Not only does this create a nicer environment with less trip hazards, but it also helps to protect the ground underneath from being destroyed.

Parties and Events
If you are hosting a party or event at your home or at a local community space, you can use ground protection mats to create a stable base for tables, tents, seating areas or even to create walkways to portable facilities. The possibilities are endless!

As we know, camping is all about getting close to nature, and enjoying the great outdoors but that doesn’t mean you have to sleep in a bog! Ground protection mats can create platforms for your tents and sitting areas to help keep you away from the damp ground. They can also be used as a base for other structures and equipment such as barbeques and portable toilets and again, to create walkways and parking areas.

Beach Access
An easy and affordable way to create access to beaches is to use ground protection mats. They can also be used to create a zone for wheelchairs and buggies so that everyone can enjoy the surroundings, especially when it’s difficult for some to maneuver around in the sand.

Stables, Kennels and Animal Shelters
All animal keepers and farmers know that at some point during the year, especially during the rainy season, mud gets churned up and results in boggy and wet areas. Not only can ground protection mats be used as a solid surface, but they are also a robust solution to prevent this happening in the first place. Use them in key areas prone to holding water such as doorways, stable or kennel entrances and around watering troughs.

However you decide to use your ground protection mats, one thing is for sure. They are one of the most versatile products in the industry!

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