Protection From the Ground Up

Protect Your Team
And Site

Your work sites are sensitive. Ground Nurse mats have high-traction, low-slip patterns to stop equipment slippage while protecting tree roots and fragile ground.

Improve Access In Any Conditions

No terrain is off limits with Ground Nurse. Enjoy the freedom of working when and where you need. Ground Nurse mats provide all the traction required for both lightweight and heavy machinery.

Get Moving

If the ground conditions at your work site are holding you up, Ground Nurse mats get you moving fast. For quick setups, Ground Nurse stillages help you easily store and transport your easy-carry mats to and from worksites.

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Not Sure How Many Mats You Need?

Use our handy calculators to find out how many ground protection mats you need, and whether you should own or hire your mats.

Ground Nurse mats are the best way to increase safety, protect the environment and gain access to difficult terrain.

Watch the video to see how Ground Nurse helped Morestone Construction Group use heavy machinery on their wet and muddy work sites.

Ground Nurse Bog Mats

The perfect ground protection solution for leading industries like construction, demolition and councils.

Heavy Duty LDPE
Bog Mat

Lightweight bog mats that can hold up to 10 tonnes per axle load. Perfect for small council projects and landscaping.

Super Heavy Duty HDPE
Bog Mat

Heavy duty bog mats that can hold up to 80 tonnes per axle load. Perfect for construction and demolition sites.

Bog Mat Stillage

Take your site’s efficiency to the next level with a stillage. Each stillage fits 30 mats for easy transportation.

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