Ground Protection for Mining

Why Ground Protection?

Ground Nurse mats are the silent backbone of any mining operation. Our mats create a steady surface for heavy machinery that prevents accidents and improves productivity, regardless of weather conditions.

No more delays

Ground Nurse mats are engineered for the extremes of mining. They prevent the earth from caving under weight, keep your machines steady, and turn weather delays into a thing of the past. Quick to deploy and built to last, these mats mean business—your business—uninterrupted, safe, and sound.

Ground Nurse gives you a reliable platform that improves your operation’s productivity and safeguards your site’s future. Keep your focus on extraction – we’ll handle the protection.




Mine Managers Love Ground Nurse

Will you choose to improve your work site the way these people did?

Case Study

BHP was on the brink of delay for their new tunnelling project: persistent wet ground was turning to mud and threatening to delay their project start. They needed a solution that could quickly dry out the area, allowing them to begin work as scheduled.

The Ground Nurse Solution
BHP chose Ground Nurse’s HDPE ground protection mats for their proven ability to withstand tough conditions. These mats were laid out at the tunnel’s base, creating a strong, moisture-resistant layer that eliminated mud formation and restored a dry working environment.

Beyond the Tunnel
The mats didn’t just solve the initial problem—they also tackled an unexpected issue. Dust kicked up by heavy machinery near the living quarters was covering buildings and affecting living conditions. By placing the mats along frequently used paths, they limited contact between tyre and ground, reducing dust and making the camp a cleaner place to live and work.

The Outcome
Thanks to Ground Nurse, BHP was able to start their project on time and discovered a new way to improve their site’s living conditions. The company was thoroughly pleased with the versatility and effectiveness of the mats, which went above and beyond to meet their operational needs.

Project Gallery

Ground Nurse mats in action, right at home protecting Aussie mining sites.

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