Recycled Plastic For A Sustainable Society

LDPE with dirt over the traction

Sustainability and Ground Nurse Bog Mats

With the growing evidence that “micro” plastics are permeating every part of earth’s ecosystems, it is becoming more important for everyone to be aware of the plastics they are using and how they are being disposed of.

We take sustainability very seriously at Ground Nurse and our bog mats are not only a great way to reduce the impact of heavy machinery on fragile ground systems, but they are helping reduce plastic waste as well.

What are Ground Nurse Bog Mats Manufactured From?

Ground Nurse Bog Mats are made from 100% recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) which is one of the most versatile and environmentally friendly plastics available.  Found in a wide range of common household products such as lunch boxes, medicine bottles and toys, polyethylene is extremely durable, long-lasting and resilient.  It can be recycled many times over before there is any significant loss of quality and it is actually cheaper to create a product from recycled HDPE than use virgin material.  That’s good news for earth’s dwindling oil reserves!

How Are Recycled Plastics Made?

To create products such as Ground Nurse Bog Mats, waste plastic is collected, washed and taken to plastic recycling plants which turn the scrap into pellets.  These are bagged and sold to manufacturers of plastic products, thereby keeping millions of tonnes of plastic out of the landfill, out of our waterways and out of the ecosystem.

Keeping Plastic Out of the Environment

Although we all need to be aware of the damage that plastic pollution is creating (microplastics are found in the highest mountains of Tibet and the deepest depths of the oceans) plastic is, and always will be, a strong, light, durable material that is not easily replaced with other completely “biodegradable” products.  In all its different forms, plastic plays a huge part in contemporary society, so recycling the plastic already in use makes so much sense.  As consumers become more conscious about careful sorting of household rubbish, we can ensure that less enters the environment as harmful particles.

Here at Ground Nurse, we are doing our bit towards a more sustainable future for our beautiful planet – creating something useful from plastic waste.

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