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In landscaping, preserving the terrain’s integrity is of utmost importance. Ground Nurse addresses this with precision-engineered ground protection mats, tailored
specifically for landscaping’s demands.

Your Projects Deserve Ground Nurse

When working on a landscaping project, the last thing you want is for your equipment to get stuck or damage the ground. Ground Nurse mats are here to help. They’re built to handle equipment of all sizes, from small tools to heavy machinery. With these mats, you can be sure the soil and grass stays protected, avoiding compaction and keeping plant roots safe.

No one likes complicated equipment. That’s why Ground Nurse mats are designed to be user-friendly. They’re easy to lay down and pick up, thanks to their handy handles. Need to cover a big area? Just connect more mats. And when you’re done, cleaning and storing them is simple. It’s all about making your job smoother.

The Ground Nurse Promise to Landscapers

The integrity of your landscaping project depends on the foundation it sits on. With Ground Nurse by your side, you’re not just buying protection—you’re investing in the future and reputation of your business.

Embrace best practices and ensure that every project you undertake stands as a testament to your craftsmanship and care.




Landscapers Love Ground Nurse

Will you choose to improve your work site the way these people did?

Case Study

A landscaping company in QLD had a problem. Their heavy machinery was causing damage to the pristine lawns they were working on. But the soft grass of their clients required utmost care when landscaping equipment was in use.

After evaluating various solutions, the landscapers decided to invest in 12 Ground Nurse Heavy Duty LDPE ground protection mats. These white-coloured mats not only protected grass with their light colour, but supported up to 10 tonnes per axle load for their machinery. They provided a reliable and sturdy surface for their machinery to move across the lawns without leaving any traces of damage. The resilience of these mats ensured that they weren’t frequently subject to wear and tear, bringing about long-term cost savings for the company.

Introducing the Ground Nurse mats into their workflow significantly optimised their operations. The landscaping team could now focus on their tasks without the constant concern of damaging the lawns. They could move equipment effortlessly and work seamlessly. Ground Nurse was delighted to provide a solution tailored to the landscapers’ unique challenges, ensuring customer satisfaction and lawn preservation.

Project Gallery

Ground Nurse mats in action, right at home protecting Aussie landscapers.

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