Ground Protection for Demolition

Why Ground Protection?

In demolition, where the force of heavy machinery and debris meets the fragility of the earth, the stakes can be high. From safeguarding your employees to appeasing stakeholders and maintaining operational efficiency, your ground protection strategy is key.

High traction, low slip

Ground Nurse ground protection mats serve as a reliable platform for your equipment, preventing the dangers of slippage, bogging, and ground damage. Ground Nurse mats are designed to cradle delicate terrains, from safeguarding tree roots to protecting sensitive soils, ensuring that your demolition work is easy to clean up.

No terrain is beyond your reach with Ground Nurse. From mud to sand, our mats deliver dependable traction for both lightweight and heavy machinery.

Prevent damage

Think of the damage caused to surrounding areas by heavy machinery, a common challenge in the industry. Ground Nurse mats provide a protective barrier, safeguarding the integrity of fragile infrastructure.

Ground Nurse offers not just a product, but a service. With fast delivery across Australia and a dedicated local team for sales advice and after-sales support, we ensure that your ground protection needs are met promptly and professionally.

Your ground protection approach is too important to leave to chance. Make the strategic choice for safety, efficiency, and sustainability. Choose Ground Nurse, and let us lay the groundwork for your success.




Demolitionists Love Ground Nurse

Will you choose to improve your work site the way these people did?

Professionals Like You Love Ground Nurse

Will you choose to improve your work site the way these people did?

Case Study

An Australian demolition contractor was facing a challenge with footpath damage caused by heavy machinery. This problem was affecting the safety of the site, and it was not unique to this particular project similar issues were being faced on many of their sites. Recognising the need for a solution, they began to search for a way to address this issue.

After researching various options, the firm came across Ground Nurse’s Super Heavy Duty mats. They decided to purchase one of the mats for a trial run on one of their sites. They purchased their mats online, where they were impressed by Ground Nurse’s affordable price and fast, efficient customer service.

The Ground Nurse Super Heavy Duty mat provided a strong barrier between the heavy construction machinery and the footpath, preventing damage by evenly distributing load.

Once the footpath was protected from damage the efficiency of the demolition increased. The mat made it easier for the machinery to move in and out of the site, without worrying about compromising the safety of the footpath.

Based on the success of the trial, the firm deployed more Ground Nurse mats on many of their other sites. The mats proved to be an effective solution that meets their safety and budgetary needs.

Project Gallery

Ground Nurse mats in action, right at home protecting Aussie demolition sites.

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