Ground Protection for Golf Courses

Preserve Your Greens

At Ground Nurse, we recognise the challenges of maintaining a pristine golf course.

Our grass-friendly white mats protect against damage from heavy machinery and foot traffic, preserving the beauty of your grass.

Why are Ground Mats Essential for Golf Courses?

Prevent Soil Compaction: Golf courses see a lot of foot traffic and occasional machinery. Ground Nurse mats distribute weight evenly, ensuring the ground remains robust, ready for the next tee-off.

Protect Grass and Tree Roots: Ground Nurse mats ensure that the root systems of your carefully curated greenery remain intact and undisturbed, allowing the grass to retain its lush appeal and trees to stand tall.

Improve Productivity: Don’t let a surprise downpour throw off your maintenance schedule. With our mats in place, you can operate even in wet or muddy conditions, ensuring your course is always in top shape, rain or shine.

Protect Your Reputation: In the competitive world of golf, reputation is everything.
Using Ground Nurse mats signals to your members that you prioritise quality and
environmental responsibility.

Commit to Excellence with Ground Nurse

The aesthetic appeal of a golf course is its pride, and maintaining that pristine green is a challenge. With Ground Nurse, you’re investing in a solution that safeguards your greens and solidifies your reputation for years to come.

Choose Ground Nurse for your next project. We offer fast delivery across Australia,
backed by a dedicated local team for sales advice and after-sales support.




Groundskeepers Love Ground Nurse

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Case Study

A Queensland golf club encountered a significant challenge when they were undertaking maintenance work on their delicate turf. Their existing machinery was causing damage to the grass due to its sensitivity. In search of a solution, the team decided to contact Ground Nurse.

They opted to invest in a Heavy Duty Mat + Stillage Bundle that included 30 heavy-duty mats and a stillage. This package turned out to be the ideal solution for the golf club, given their focus on grass protection and maintenance. The club staff laid these mats on the grass, and the results exceeded their expectations.

The mats proved to be highly effective in safeguarding the delicate grass. They even withstood the weight and movement of a 4-ton excavator. A member of the golf club’s team mentioned they have discovered various uses for these mats beyond their initial purpose, and if he had known about them earlier, he’d have acquired them years ago. He emphasised that these mats excellently distribute the load, ensuring the grass remains protected during maintenance and other activities.

The success story of the Queensland golf club serves as a testament to the importance of investing in the right equipment and seeking expert advice when dealing with delicate and sensitive natural environments like golf course greens. The use of these heavy-duty mats and stillage not only preserved the integrity of the grass but also expanded their utility, making them a valuable addition to the golf club’s maintenance tools.

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Ground Nurse mats in action, right at home protecting Aussie golf courses.

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