Ground Protection for Construction

Why Ground Protection?

At Ground Nurse, we understand that your construction sites are intricate. Our high-traction, low-slip ground protection mats are carefully engineered to prevent equipment bogging, ensuring the safety of your personnel and equipment, while simultaneously protecting tree roots and delicate soil.

Prevent bogging and slippage

In the world of construction, terrain and weather can be unpredictable. Ground Nurse empowers you to overcome these challenges, providing you with the freedom to function on virtually any terrain, in any weather. Our mats are designed to bear the weight of both lightweight and heavy-duty machinery, offering unparalleled traction and stability.

Ground protection mats are more than just a tool; they are a sustainable solution to many work site problems. Rather than resorting to single-use plastics or plywood, our mats provide a durable, cost-effective alternative that safeguards the earth and speeds up project timelines.

Easy to install

Ground Nurse mats are a breeze to install. Simply lay them directly onto the ground, their built-in cut-out handles make them easy to carry and place for 2 people. Plus, our variety of connectors can link mats together to cover larger areas. Once the job is done, the mats can be cleaned effortlessly and stored in stillages or pallets, ready for your next assignment.

Why not choose Ground Nurse for your next project? We offer fast delivery across Australia, backed by a dedicated local team for sales advice and after-sales support.




Construction Firms Love Ground Nurse

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Case Study

Morestone Constructions faced a significant challenge on one of their job sites. The ground was extremely soft and boggy, which made it challenging for their machinery to move around efficiently. The site in question was a residential home that was being landscaped. However, the new home was built on a slope, and the muddy space made it difficult to work on. The coming weeks’ forecast predicted rainy weather, which meant that they had to find a solution to continue working on the site.

Ground Nurse came to the rescue by providing them with four Heavy Duty LDPE ground protection mats. These mats were suitable for Morestone Constructions’ specific needs and could provide the necessary traction for their machines, such as excavators and a bobcat. With these mats, they were able to move their heavy machinery around with ease and support them on the soft ground.

The use of the mats also provided a solution for the homeowner. With each passing day, the project continued, the ground became more and more dug up, making it more expensive to flatten the ground and lay new turf. The mats helped prevent further damage to the ground, reducing the overall cost of the project.

Thanks to Ground Nurse’s Heavy Duty LDPE ground protection mats, Morestone Constructions was able to work efficiently on the residential home’s landscaping project. The mats provided the necessary stability and support needed for their machinery to move around without getting stuck in the soft, boggy ground.

Project Gallery

Ground Nurse mats in action, right at home protecting Aussie construction sites.

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