Ground Mat FAQs

What are ground mats?

Also known as bog mats and track mats, ground protection mats are an effective way of providing temporary access and roadways for heavy machinery on construction sites with fragile terrain.

Designed specifically for large machinery on difficult surfaces, ground protection mats can be used on all kinds of earth including mud and sand and are a cost-effective, long-term solution to traditional single-use plastics or plywood. 

Ground protection mats prevent damage to the natural environment and get your project done faster without negative surface impact.

A flexible ground protection solution.

Ground Nurse bog mats are most commonly used for temporary road access on construction sites, or wherever the ground conditions are unstable.

They are regularly used on mining sites and waterwell drill holes or as flooring for outdoor events and festivals. We also see them at cemeteries, golf courses, and council parklands as they are ideal for moving machinery and people across sensitive or newly grassed areas.

Easy installation and storage.

Ground protection mats are laid directly onto the ground. The built-in cut-out handles make them simple to carry and place and when the job is done, they are easily cleaned and effortlessly stored in stillages or on pallets.

What type of mats should I look for?

Always choose mats made from tough, recycled – and recyclable – polyethylene plastic as these are the most hardwearing and easy to maintain.  Recycled polyethylene mats are super tough and durable while being lightweight enough for easy transport to and from your site.

Why Ground Nurse mats?

  • Fast delivery anywhere in Australia
  • Local team for sales advice and after sales support
  • Environmentally friendly, made from recycled polyethylene which is 100% recyclable
  • High traction, low slip patterns for safety and stability
  • Efficient transport & storage for up to 30 mats using forklift compatible steel stillage container
  • Expandable system with connectors available to link mats for large areas

Frequently Asked Questions

Ground Nurse mats (also known as ground protection mats, bog mats, or track mats) are heavy-duty mats built to protect your team, equipment, and ground while improving access to tough terrain.

Place your mat on the ground to create a temporary access for heavy vehicles to work without damaging sensitive turf or getting stuck. Mats can be linked together using the metal connectors and also feature handhold cutouts for easy lifting.

All mats are designed to be flexible in order to increase gripping power, so they must always be supported by the ground beneath them. They should not be used as a “bridge” under any circumstances.

Ground Nurse protection mats are made from recycled high-density and low-density polyethylene (HDPE/LDPE), a type of hard plastic that is both strong and flexible. It is moulded into a single sheet that is lightweight and easy to handle compared to heavy steel.

LDPE mats are suitable for smaller applications like events and landscaping, holding up to 10 tonnes per axle load.

For heavier machinery, HDPE mats hold up to 80 tonnes per axle load.

Both the Ground Nurse LDPE and HDPE mats are 2400x1200mm in size and 12mm thick.

Although Ground Nurse mats grip the ground firmly underneath heavy vehicles, in some circumstances like steep inclines, or for added security, you may wish to connect mats together. When necessary, our ground protection mats can be connected together by linking the connectors (sold separately) into the connector holes in each corner of the mats.

Ground Nurse mats can be ordered from our online store. You can conveniently place an order online, or phone on 1300 229 300.

If your credit card limit doesn’t allow you to purchase online, after adding all items to cart, please send a screenshot of your cart to to complete your purchase.

If your order has already entered the dispatch process, it can no longer be cancelled. If it hasn’t been shipped yet, you can request a cancellation by contacting us directly.

Ground Nurse mats are stored in our Melbourne warehouse:

83-89 Freight Drive,
Somerton, Victoria 3062

And Sydney warehouse:

2/52 Quarry Road, Erskine Park, NSW, 2759

If needed, pickup is available for orders on request.

Ground Nurse protection mats are available for delivery Australia-wide.

All in-stock products are dispatched the same day if ordered by 12pm, and deliveries usually take 3-5 business days from dispatch to arrival for most cities, although they can take longer if there are delays. Shipment tracking is available on request.

The full Ground Nurse ground protection system includes a stillage (steel transport cage – sold separately or part of a bundle). Stillages store up to 30 mats and make it easy to move the mats by forklift.

Due to WHS requirements, delivery drivers are not allowed to handle heavy items during delivery. Because of this, there must be someone available at the delivery site with a forklift. For small orders, a couple of people to unload by hand is also fine.

Please consider for this before ordering.

Ground Nurse protection mats are packed onto pallets or stillages for transportation, so you must have a forklift on site to unload. If your order is smaller, a couple of people to unload by hand would be sufficient.

All plastic mats flex to follow ground contours. However, Ground Nurse’s heavy-duty HDPE mat material will not crack or break even under extreme pressure.

You can easily clean your Ground Nurse mats with just a hose, or a pressure cleaner for more caked on mud and dirt.

Ground Nurse mats are lightweight, weighing between 31kg and 39kg. Individually, they are easy for one or two workers to manoeuvre by hand without specialist lifting equipment. For transporting a large quantity of mats, a forklift may be required.

One person can drag the mats safely. However, it is advised that Ground Nurse mats are lifted by 2 people (one from each side).

Most contractors would use an all terrain forklift or telehandler to carry them to the point of unloading, then it’s a manual process to drag them off the pallet onto the ground. 

Ground Nurse’s mats are the toughest in the business and last between 5 -10 years with proper use. The exact lifespan of the mats depends on the frequency and type of use. After significant time, you may notice the traction pattern beginning to wear, however the mats should still last years beyond this.

Our mats are covered by a 12 month product defect warranty. This does not cover damage due to wear and tear, only rare cases of product failure.

Yes, in straight lines. If a steel-tracked machine screws around on them it will rip the tread off pretty fast. If there is a point on a trackway where they need to turn, some contractors put down a sacrificial layer of plywood on top of the mats to protect them. The mats are still needed underneath as they offer load-bearing protection.

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