Ground Protection for Infrastructure

Why Ground Protection?

Ground protection is vital to the infrastructure industry, where heavy machinery often meets unstable ground. Ground Nurse, provides top-quality ground protection mats that ensure safety, prevent accidents, and offer efficient heavy machinery access to varying terrains, regardless of weather conditions.

Prevent and protect

Each work site is unique and often sensitive to ground movement. Understanding this, Ground Nurse mats feature high-traction, low-slip patterns that effectively prevent equipment slippage while simultaneously protecting the integrity of the ground below and mitigating damage to fragile terrains.

With Ground Nurse, no terrain is off limits. Our different mat products grant you the freedom to operate when and where necessary, providing optimal traction for machinery of any size. If ground conditions threaten to slow down your work, Ground Nurse mats are your solution for rapid mobility. Our easy-carry mats can be quickly deployed and conveniently stored in Ground Nurse stillages, ensuring your operations never miss a beat.




Infrastructure Developers Love Ground Nurse

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Case Study

A major Australian transport developer faced a significant challenge when they discovered that their site was built on reclaimed swamp land. The swampy nature of the site meant that it was delicate and soft, and posed a potential risk to the stability of heavy machinery and equipment that needed to be used on the site. This presented a major problem for the construction team, as they needed to ensure that their workers and equipment were safe, while also completing the project efficiently and cost-effectively.

The team decided to use Ground Nurse Super Heavy Duty mats. Swampy ground is known to be prone to ground movement, especially under the weight of heavy machinery. So these mats were specifically designed to prevent slippage when laid as tracks. By placing the mats on top of a built-up ballast, the site was transformed into a stable and safe space for construction work to continue.

One of the major benefits of using the Super Heavy Duty mats was their load-bearing properties. They were able to support up to 80 tonnes per axle load, making them ideal for use with heavy machinery such as 50-tonne cranes. 

Not only did the Ground Nurse mats provide added stability and support to the developer’s site, but they also saved time and money, while ensuring that site work could be completed safely and efficiently.

Project Gallery

Ground Nurse mats in action, right at home protecting Aussie infrastructure, civil engineering, and energy company sites.

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