Ground Protection for Military

Why Ground Protection?

Ground Nurse mats serve as the strategic foundation of any military operation. These mats provide a stable hardstand for heavy equipment and vehicles, enhancing safety and operational efficiency in any terrain or weather conditions.

Operation Continuity, No Exceptions

Designed for the rigorous demands of military use, Ground Nurse mats fortify the ground to withstand the immense weight of military machinery, ensuring that operations proceed without interruption. Their quick deployment capability and durable construction make them an essential asset for military readiness and mobility, turning potential terrain challenges into non-issues. Whether in the heat of a desert or the muddiness of a rain-soaked field, these mats keep your operations moving forward, securely and effectively.

With Ground Nurse mats, you gain a dependable foundation that boosts your operation’s effectiveness while protecting the integrity of your terrain. Stay focused on the mission at hand – leave the ground protection to us.




Military Love Ground Nurse

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Case Study

A military base was facing a significant operational challenge: a strategic training area was becoming impassable due to heavy rain, transforming the terrain into a muddy pit and threatening to delay critical readiness exercises. The base required a swift, effective solution to reinforce the ground and ensure the continuation of their operations.

The Ground Nurse Solution
The military chose Ground Nurse’s Super Heavy Duty HDPE ground protection mats for their robust durability and proven performance in harsh conditions. These mats were deployed across the affected training fields, quickly creating a solid, moisture-resistant surface that prevented further mud formation and facilitated a return to a dry, stable training environment.

Beyond the Tunnel
The benefits of the mats extended beyond merely stabilising the training grounds. The constant movement of personnel and equipment had been churning up dust and mud, deteriorating air quality and cleanliness within the base, especially around living quarters and critical operational areas. By placing the mats on key pathways and high-traffic zones, the base minimised dust and mud spread, and markedly improved overall conditions at the base.

The Outcome
Thanks to Ground Nurse, the military base overcame a potentially debilitating operational obstacle, enabling essential readiness exercises to proceed without delay. The base leadership was highly impressed with the versatility and efficiency of the mats, which not only solved their initial problem but also contributed to a cleaner, more manageable living and working environment.

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Ground Nurse mats in action, right at home protecting Australian military equipment.

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